Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered a few FAQs below to help improve your purchasing deciscion. But please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any additional questions you might have.

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TIP: Placement Recommendations for Restaurants

  1. Where should a Brandstand be placed in my restaurant? We recommend placing your Brandstands either on tables, or trash receptacles, giving you a chance to catch your customer as they’re preparing to leave. Placing it at the register is not recommended, because patrons are at the beginning of their experience with your company. For establishments who engage their customers during their meal or experience, we recommend asking for a review at that point. Statistically, over 70% of people who are asked for a review will give one… and it’s never been easier than it is with Brandstand!
  2. Optimization – over 70% of people asked to leave a review will do so. How do you increase those odds? Create a script for your staff specific to their role at your organization:
  3. Drive Thru: “Hi! You’ve been here before right?”… when the answer is yes, “well since you like us enough to return, would you be so kind as to tap here, and give us a review? It would really help us!”.
    Manager – While walking the floor, checking on customers “just wanted to check on you and see if there’s anything I can get you. Is everything okay? Well, I’m glad you’re here today, and would very much appreciate it if you would be so kind as to tap here and leave us a positive review if you’re enjoying your meal”.

Questions & Answers

A Brandstand is a display with touch-and-go technology that can send your customer to a Google review page or website, just by tapping their phone to it. Unlike other products, ours lets you customize the graphics to match your brand, and comes preprogrammed for immediate use.

Pretty much anything you want. You can add your logo to one of our pre-designed templates, or go all in by selecting a blank template, which allows you to upload the entire 3.5” x 6” design, to fully embrace your brand’s look and feel.

Besides using them as a tool to generate positive reviews, they can be used for:
  1. Social media engagement
  2. Downloading a menu
  3. Taking a survey
  4. Reception area for name directories
  5. Appointment calendars
  6. Tradeshow map downloads or directions
  7. Pretty much any call-to-action that you can provide a link to

If there are no issues with artwork, we can produce them in as few as 24 hours and ship them out to you. For bulk orders, you’ll receive turn-time information along with your estimate.

We ship anywhere in the United States.

Yes, we work with many large, franchised organizations with lots of locations. We ship pre-programmed Brandstands to each location, with URLs that are specific to each one.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority, so we’ve established some options to protect your investment. For 10 or more stands, we’ll ship you a pre-production sample of your Brandstand at no charge. With your approval, we’ll produce the rest and ship them according to your instructions. Our guarantee is that all stands will match the example you approved, or your money back. For orders fewer than 10, you’ll have the option to approve a pre-production sample, under the same guidelines. View our Refund & Return Policy page for more information.

No, unlike other NFC tagged products, we don’t require our customers to relay through our platform. Your Brandstand arrives preprogrammed to the URL you provide, ready to send your customers to the destination of your choosing.

You can, and there are multiple Youtube videos and webpages with instructions for reprogramming any NFC tag.

Yes, anything from the iPhone 7 and newer, and most Androids are compatible. Your stand will come with a brochure that shows where the readers are located on each type of smartphone.

Yes! Any order of more than 10 qualifies for special pricing.

Sure, that’s called “white-labeling” and is something we only support for large quantity orders (typically 100 or more stands). In those instances, we work directly with businesses to provide the correct print file template and print proofs prior to production. Just contact us if this is something you’re interested in.